Important announcement regarding Tokenized Stocks (or 'Stokens')


November 14, 2022


To our valued customers:


As part of our product line for eligible customers, Bittrex Global offered tokenized securities (known as ‘stokens’) through our historical relationship with Alameda. We suspended trading of those products immediately as the news of FTX and Alameda’s difficulties hit last week, in order to protect our customers.

In light of the news since then, we have decided to shut down this product completely. Bittrex Global will reimburse all users the full value of their stokens holdings and work with regulators/lawyers to retrieve the value of the stocks from FTX/Alameda.

Our priority is, and always has been, to our customers. Not a single user will lose a single cent. Exact details of the reimbursement will be sent to affected users in the coming days.

We have been working with our regulators on this to ensure that we comply with all rules, and to give everyone comfort that we are meeting the high standards our customers expect from the world’s premier regulated digital assets exchange.


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