Bittrex Global to list and support the airdrop of Metronome 2.0

We are happy to announce that Bittrex Global will support Metronome’s swap through the listing of Metronome 2.0.

Bittrex Global will list Metronome 2.0 with the ticker “MET2”.

Metronome 1.0 Token holders on the Bittrex Global Exchange will be airdropped with MET 2.0 tokens that reflect the same number of MET 1.0 (ERC-20) that they had prior to Metronome’s team cut-off date in a 1:1 manner (please see Metronome’s swap announcement below for reference)


For more information:

Bittrex Global Website:

Metronome’s swap announcement:


About Metronome:

Metronome launched in 2018 and pioneered many DeFi projects. A sophisticated set of smart contracts included one of the first AMM-DEX and a continuous issuance mechanism with daily auctions. Over the course of four years, Metronome continued to perform as designed, but its architecture and lack of configurability hampered its ability to update and evolve with the rapidly changing DeFi sector. Relaunched for 2022, Metronome is built to improve compatibility, utility and configurability with its current DeFi requirements, meaning new products are coming and the implementation of a DAO governance structure. Follow Metronome's progress on Twitter and Telegram.

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