Bittrex Global will support Carbon Utility Token’s Swap (CUT) to rCUT

We are happy to announce that Bittrex Global will support Carbon Utility Token’s swap to Retire Carbon Utility Token (rCUT).

CUT (ERC-20) token holders on the Bittrex Global exchange will be entitled to receive the same number of rCUT tokens as the number of legitimate CUT (ERC-20) tokens they held in their accounts on Bittrex Global as of January 3rd 2022. We plan to enable the swap on Wednesday September 27th 2023. Once the swap is complete, all of the old CUT (ERC-20) tokens will no longer be available for trading on the Bittrex Global exchange. Once we are satisfied that the swap has been completed successfully, Bittrex Global will enable the rCUT wallets and markets to allow customers to trade rCUT on the Bittrex Global exchange. As always, we will notify our community once the rCUT tokens are available for trading.


For more information:

Please refer any questions about the token distribution to the CUT and rCUT token team:


About CUT:

The CUT project's pool of Carbon Offsets can be used to retire all or part of the Carbon Footprint of any given activity in AI, Web3, ReFi (Regenerative Finance), TradFi (Traditional Finance), ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), and legacy goods and services in the real world. The pool of Carbon Offsets is made possible by the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions entering the atmosphere.

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