Bittrex Global will support Polker’s swap from ERC-20 to Polygon

Bittrex Global will conduct a one-time token swap on Friday, 13th of October 2023. Token holders on the Bittrex Global Exchange will receive new MATIC smart contract Polker balances that reflect the number of PKR (ERC-20) they had at a swap ratio of 1:1. Once the swap is complete, all ERC-20 tokens from the old PKR contract will no longer be able to be traded on Bittrex Global. Once migration is satisfactory, Bittrex Global will enable the Polker wallets and markets. As always, we will keep our community updated as soon as the time to enable the PKR wallets has come.

For more information:

Bittrex Global Website:


About PKR:

A number of patented protocols are what drive the PKR (PKR) global utility token movement, which aims to solve prevalent issues in the blockchain sector. The ecosystem is trying to establish a real random number generator, ensure fair gameplay for online gaming, help introduce interoperability to the cryptocurrency scene, and create a safe atmosphere for the entry of new projects in the sector.

For more information, please visit the Polker website:

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