Terms of Service

Bittrex Global operates cryptocurrency exchanges in Liechtenstein and Bermuda. The Terms of Service for each exchange can be found below.

The exchange you belong to, and the Terms of Service that apply, depend on various legal factors, including the information you tell us during your application, your nationality and location, and other matters. You will be asked to review and accept the Terms of Service that will apply to your account as part of your application process.

How do I know which Terms of Service apply to me?
Once you have created an account, been allocated to an exchange, and accepted the applicable Terms of Service, this will be clearly shown in your account every time you log in.

You can see which entity you are a customer of, and the Terms of Service that apply to you, by logging into your account. Click on the down arrow next to your email at the top-right of the page, then click on 'Account Settings'. You will be taken directly to the 'My Profile' page. This page lists account specific details, such as your name, and username. You will see which entity your account is associated with under 'Exchange'.


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