Account hacked/unauthorized login

Please be aware that there are phishing sites on the Internet that look like Bittrex Global. These sites are fake and harvest your credentials which can then be used to log in to your account. These sites will capture many different things including, username, password, two-factor authentication (2FA) code, and possibly even ask you for your email username and password. Bittrex Global will never ask you for your email username and password, so please never enter those on any login that looks like a Bittrex Global site.

We highly recommend users enable 2FA to further secure their accounts and protect them from most automated attacks. However, many users will still use the same passwords and email combinations they use on other sites as well as weak passwords to protect their accounts. Bittrex Global keeps your user information secure and has never leaked any passwords. However, many sites in the crypto world have been hacked and the hackers have databases that they attempt to use to log in to accounts which is why we suggest enabling 2FA.

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