Fiat (Euro) Trading, Deposits and Withdrawals

Bittrex Global supports Euro trading, deposits, and withdrawals for eligible personal and corporate accounts. Please note that Euro trading is offered by Bittrex Global and is subject to the Bittrex Global Terms of Service. 

How do I request my Bittrex Global account receive access to Euro markets?

All Bittrex Global accounts are automatically enabled for trading on Euro markets.

*Please note, the following countries are not eligible for Fiat (Euro) deposits or withdrawals:


How do I deposit Euros into my Bittrex Global account?

There are three mechanisms available for depositing Euros into your Bittrex Global account:

  • SEPA Credit Transfer
  • International Wire Transfer
  • Credit/debit card

How do I withdraw Euros from my Bittrex Global account?

Bittrex Global allows you to withdraw Euros to your bank account via either SEPA credit transfer or international wire transfer.

What are the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits? 

Minimum Deposit: 20 Euros

Minimum Withdrawal: 10 Euros

No maximum deposit or withdrawal for wire and SEPA transfers.

If you have a corporate account, please email before withdrawing over 10M Euro in a single wire transfer.

How do I get started with deposits and withdrawals via SEPA Credit Transfers?

If the name on your bank account is the same as the name on your Bittrex Global account, you can deposit Euros by following the instructions on the SEPA deposit screen. You can get to this screen by going to your Holdings page, finding the EUR currency, clicking Deposit, and selecting SEPA.

Please make sure to follow the exact instructions for depositing via SEPA located in your EUR wallet, such as including your complete EUR deposit code without additional words or characters. If you do not deposit via SEPA following the exact instructions provided in your EUR wallet you may face delays.

Once you have deposited Euros via SEPA and we have credited your account, you will be able to withdraw Euros via SEPA to the same bank account.

If the name on your bank account is not the same as on your Bittrex Global account, or if you wish to withdraw via SEPA without depositing, you will need to fill out the Euro Deposit and Withdrawal form to have your bank account whitelisted for use with your Bittrex Global account. 

How do I get started with deposits and withdrawals via Wire Transfers?

To enable Euro deposits and withdrawals, Bittrex Global first needs to approve your bank account. To do this fill out the Euro Deposit and Withdrawal form.

It may be possible to avoid this step if your bank account has previously been approved for USD deposits and withdrawals (see below).

  • No initial deposit is required, but you must prove you control your bank account
  • Attachment requirement:bank-issued letter or account statement showing:
    • Your name on your bank account
    • Your bank IBAN or account number
    • Your bank SWIFT/BIC code
    • Your bank name
  • You will be able to deposit Euros from and withdraw Euros to your approved bank account
  • You can have multiple bank accounts approved
  • You will need to enter all banking details in the form (IBAN, Account, SWIFT/BIC etc.)

Note: For new corporate customers seeking access to Euro markets, upgrade your account here:

Where are the Euro deposit wire transfer instructions?

You can find the wire transfer instructions on the Euro deposit screen once your bank account is added. 

How do I add another bank account after I have already been approved for Euro wire transfers? 

You will need to submit the Euro Deposit and Withdraw form again with the new information.

If I already have a bank account whitelisted for USD wire transfers, do I still need to fill out the form?

If you had a whitelisted bank account for USD wire transfers and it did not require intermediary banks or special instructions, that account has been whitelisted for EUR deposits and withdrawals as well. We do not currently support intermediary banks or special instructions for EUR withdrawals.

When will my favorite currency get a Euro trading pair?

We are starting with a limited number of pairs and our plan is continue to add Euro trading to the top digital currencies on our platform. We are reviewing the blockchain projects we already list, listening to our customers’ trading preferences and taking other important considerations into account as we decide which Euro trading pairs will be next.

Where is my deposit? 

If you have not received your EUR deposit in the expected time-frame, please be aware that there are several factors that may influence the crediting of your deposit such as:

  • Contradictory information between Bittrex Global account and deposit transfer details
  • Incorrect Deposit code or Deposit code not included with transfer (This can be located in your EUR wallet) *If your deposit falls into this category, you will have 14 days to claim the deposit from the time we receive the deposit. If not claimed, your deposit will be returned to the sending/originating bank by our finance department.
  • Bank closures such as non-business hours (i.e., weekends)  
  • Bank observed Holidays

Bank observed Holidays in Liechtenstein 2020

 Wednesday, 1 January  Thursday, 2 January   Monday, 6 January   Tuesday, 25 February 
 Thursday, 19 March   Friday, 10 April   Monday, 13 April   Friday, 1 May 
 Thursday, 21 May   Monday, 1 June   Thursday, 11 June   Tuesday, 8 September 
 Tuesday, 8 December   Thursday, 24 December   Friday, 25 December   Thursday, 31 December 

 If theses exceptions do not apply, please submit a support ticket here

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