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Please note that this page contains content about the Bittrex Global mobile app, which is not directed at, intended for, or available to customers in the UK.

It's the perfect day to create a Bittrex Global account!

To get started with us, you will need to create an account, complete identity verification, and add source of funds. It's also a good idea to learn how to keep yourself and your account safe. Then you can start funding your account, buying and selling crypto, and trading in a matter of minutes!

You can create your Bittrex Global account using mobile or web.

Mobile Web
  1. Download the Bittrex app for free on your mobile device:

    Download on the App Store     Download on Google Play
  2. Open the app and tap More > Create an Account.

  3. Input your email address - this will also be your Bittrex Global username!
  4. Choose a secure password:
    mceclip0.pngminimum of 12 characters long
    mceclip1.pngminimum of 1 lowercase and 1 uppercase letter
    mceclip2.pngminimum of 1 number and 1 symbol
  5. Optional: Enter a referral code if you have one!
      ↪ Click here to learn more about our referral program.
  6. Tap Create Account.

  7. Tap Open Email.

  8. You will receive an email from to verify your account. Open this email and tap Verify Email. 
      ↪ Click here if you did not receive the email.

  9. Kindly read the Terms of Service carefully, then tap I agree.
  10. Fill in your personal information to complete your Profile. All fields require the use of a keyboard with Latin (English) characters.


  11. After your account is successfully created, continue the account setup by verifying your identity.


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