What is wallet maintenance?


Sometimes Bittrex Global will take wallets offline temporarily for maintenance or to resolve any issues. This could mean several things, such as:

  • There is a fork on the blockchain - In order to protect your funds, we need to take the wallet offline until we know which is the proper blockchain to broadcast transactions to.
  • The wallet has been updated by the developers - We need to take the wallet offline in order for the update to complete. 
  • The wallet daemon on our server is not responding or has crashed - The daemon is responsible for authorizing transactions to and from our platform.
  • The wallet is sending orphan transactions or having another issue - We need to take the wallet offline so we can work with the developer towards a resolution.

When a wallet is taken offline, you will not be able to initiate withdrawals or deposits from the Bittrex Global platform.


To check the status of a particular wallet, you can visit this page https://global.bittrex.com/status and search for the wallet.


And just in case, here are the answers to some additional questions you may have:

I deposited coins while the wallet was offline, will they still be credited?
When a wallet is offline, you will not be able to click the deposit button on Bittrex Global, but if you know your wallet address for the coin/token, you can still initiate a withdrawal from another wallet or exchange to be deposited into your Bittrex Global account. However, these deposits will not be credited to your Bittrex Global account until the wallet is back online.


Your deposit will be credited when the wallet is back online only if it was on the proper blockchain and a transaction ID was created.

Can I still trade when a wallet is offline?
In most cases you can continue trading if a wallet is offline. If there is an issue that causes trading concerns, we will turn off the market.


We know taking a wallet offline can create a temporary inconvenience, but we assure you that we are always working hard to make sure we can bring wallets back online as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and we thank you again for choosing Bittrex Global!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Bittrex Global Support.


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Wallet Status and Maintenance

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