Corporate Account Request

A Bittrex Global Corporate Account is designed to meet the institutional needs of all registered entities including: Hedge Funds, High-Frequency Trading Firms, Proprietary Trading Firms, ATMs, Crypto Exchanges, Market Makers and all other businesses. 


What are the benefits of a corporate account?

  • No Withdrawal Limits – Corporate accounts have no 24-hour withdrawal limit. Certain withdrawal types may impose a per transaction limit.  
  • 24/7 USD Instant Settlement - Qualified customers can request connection via Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) or Prime Trust Instant.  
  • Fast Deposits - Qualifying digital assets have lower confirmations which allows deposited funds to quickly credit into your corporate account.
  • Priority Support – Receive support from our account management team by contacting
  • API Integration Benefits - Increased API Rate Limits

Once approved, if you would like to request a connection to SEN please click here.  For additional questions or to request to connect to Prime Trust Instant, please email


What do corporate accounts cost and how long is approval?

Bittrex Global does not charge a fee to upgrade a personal account to a corporate account. Properly submitted requests are usually approved within 1 week.  


How do I request a corporate account?

To request a corporate account you must submit the Corporate Account Request form. Make sure to complete the items below before you begin. Incomplete submissions will be automatically rejected.  


What must I do before submitting a Corporate Account Request?

Before you begin filling out the Corporate Account Request application:

  1. Prepare all the required attachments for submission;
  2. Identify verify all Bittrex Global personal accounts you want upgraded to corporate account;
  3. Complete the pre-submission checklist to ensure a smooth request approval process.


Pre-Submission Checklist (#1-#7):

  1. Determine the “Significant Control Person" (SCP) for your organization. A person with significant control is an individual who meets either of these conditions:
    • Condition 1: Directly/indirectly holds 25% or more of the company’s issued share capital or voting rights, or holds the right to appoint or remove a majority of board of directors, OR
    • Condition 2: Has the right to exercise, or actually exercises, significant influence or control of the organization (e.g. has signing authority to bind the organization in legal agreement). 
  2. Confirm the SCP has a Bittrex Global personal account ready to upgrade to corporate through one of two methods:
    • SCP is ready to upgrade their existing Bittrex Global personal account to a corporate account. 
    • SCP creates a new personal account here
    • ALL corporate accounts on Bittrex Global must be verified with passports, please ensure the SCP uploads a passport for verification. 
  3. Confirm the SCP has completed identity verification on Settings. To confirm review the following:
    • A large green check box and the words “Your identity has been successfully verified” must appear on the “Identity Verification” page on the settings section.
    • Identity verification must be performed by the SCP. An assistant may not identity verify the account on behalf of the SCP. 
  4. Determine all of the Bittrex Global personal accounts your organization will upgrade to corporate. Each Bittrex Global corporate account is associated with a single email address and a segregated pool of funds. Bittrex Global does not support hierarchical accounts at this time.
    • If your organization wants to trade from a single fund pool: Request 1 corporate account. Bittrex does not currently support separate logins for the same account via the UI for corporate users. More access options are available via API.
    • If your organization wants to trade from multiple fund pools: Request multiple corporate accounts, at least one for each segregated fund balance. There is no limit to the number of personal accounts you can upgrade to corporate accounts under a single organization.
    • Example 1: “Our organization is a hedge fund. We have 3 traders, all accessing the same pool of funds at the same time. How many Bittrex Global accounts do we need?” Answer: Request 1 account if the SCP has identity verified the account. Request 2 accounts if the SCP wants funds held in an account identity verified by someone else for compliance purposes.
    • Example 2: “We are a large financial institution. We have 5 traders, and each one trades their own balance from the web console to easily track daily P&L” Answer: Request at least 5 corporate accounts, 6 if you want each trader to have their identity verified on each account. The sixth account fund balance may remain empty but identity verified by the SCP for compliance purposes.
    • Example 3: “We are a large financial institution intent on trading using the API. We have one pool of funds but plan on creating an API key for each trader to track P&L”. Answer: Request 1 account if the SCP has identity verified the account. Request 2 accounts if the SCP wants funds held in an account identity verified by someone else for compliance purposes.
    • Not sure? If you are not sure how many corporate accounts you need right now, just request 1 account now. We can quickly add more accounts for your organization any time after your organization receives corporate account approval. 
  5. Make sure each Bittrex Global account you want upgraded is identity verified (at least 1 by your SCP):
    • A selfie and government-issued identification must be uploaded into each account’s Settings.
    • A large green check box and the words “Your identity has been successfully verified” must appear on the “Identity Verification” page on the settings section for each account.
    • As long as the SCP has identify verified at least one of the accounts, the same person from your organization may be identity verified on all corporate accounts using the same ID.
    • Since the same person is not allowed to have more than one Bittrex Global personal account, our systems will automatically disable any account when you use the same government identification for identity verification you have used to verify another Bittrex Global account. This is expected, and we will re-enable all deactivated personal accounts you want upgraded to corporate when you are notified that your Corporate Account Request submission has been approved. Corporate account holders can have multiple accounts.  
  6. Gather attachments: Gather all attachments you will need to upload with your submission. All attachments must be originals and include English translations. The number of individual attachments you can upload is limited to 5 due to security precautions, please combine attachments into 5 or fewer images or PDF, Word, or other text documents before uploading. Zip files are not accepted.
    • Required: Articles of incorporation or other equivalent organizing documents.
    • Required: Government issued Tax ID confirmation or supply proof are not subject to government taxation and provide equivalent ID.
    • Required: Local government operating registration.
    • Required: Shareholder document listing full legal name and address of all who own 25% or more of all companies involved. Publicly traded companies should not attach this document.  IDs for natural person owners/controllers of the entity will be requested on follow-up. 
    • Required: Trader authorization on company letterhead signed by a SCP (does not need to be the same SCP identity verified on the account), listing full legal name and address authorized to trade on the company’s behalf.
    • Required with Exchange Activity: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and documentation if your Bittrex Global account will support any buying or selling of cryptocurrency directly for others, online or in-person. For example, you must include if any aspect of your business supports (or intends to) cryptocurrency brokerage, OTC trading, ATMs, retail stores, or online digital exchange. [Pure investment funds do not need to attach, only attach if any exchange criteria listed here is met].
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