Bittrex Global Referral Program


We launched the Bittrex Global Referral Program back in March of 2020 so that our customers can earn rewards by referring other users to Bittrex - it's that simple!

Refer a friend
It's super easy - just grab your referral code and share it! You can find this on mobile or web:

Mobile Web
  1. Log in to your Bittrex Global account.

  2. Go to More > Refer a Friend.

  3. Tap to copy the code, then tap Share My Code.
  4. Choose an app to share your code.


There is no way for a user to see who or how many people they have referred with their code.

Get rewards
  • when someone signs up using your referral code, you will earn 10% on all commissions of the quote currency from every trade made (subject to certain limitations as set forth in the Bittrex Global Referral Program Terms)


    Referral codes cannot be added to a new account after it has been created, the code must be provided to the new user and entered upon their initial account creation.

  • your reward will be credited to your Bittrex Global account in the quote currency of the trade that was placed (subject to certain limitations as set forth in the Bittrex Global Referral Program Terms)
    Example: If the trade took place in BTC-ADA (meaning you used BTC to buy ADA, or you received BTC for selling ADA), the reward will be paid in the quote currency, which in this case would be BTC.

  • at this time there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, although Bittrex Global reserves the right to alter or change the referral program at anytime
I didn't receive my reward
  • referral rewards are calculated and credited to your account via airdrop during our referral rewards crediting cycles that typically occur on a monthly basis
    Exceptions include: Holidays and unexpected network outages. 
  • if your account is disabled at the time of the trade or the time of the airdrop, you will not receive the referral reward


If none of the above reasons apply, and you have not received your reward, please contact Bittrex Global Support.  

Sharing is caring - now get out there and start earning!


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