Legal, taxes, and transaction history

Bittrex Global does not provide any recommendations, consultation, or evaluations for:

  • Legal advice or regulatory compliance,
  • Tax planning, preparation, or filing (Bittrex Global does not provide tax forms or reports),
  • Financial services or planning, and/or
  • Trading or investment advice.

Customer identification, personal information, and records of deposits, withdrawals, and trading activity are confidential except as required by law or court order.


How to access your Bittrex Global records

You must be logged into your Bittrex Global account to access personal information and records for trading (orders), deposits, and withdrawals. 


Personal information: 

Your personal information can be found on the "Settings" page under "Profile."

Trading records (Buy and Sell orders):

Bittrex Global will only display a limited amount of your order history on our website. To pull your full order history follow the steps below. 

  1. Click on "Orders" on the homepage
  2. For your full order history click on the "Download History" button for a spreadsheet of all orders.

Withdrawal and deposit records:

  1. Click on "Holdings" on the homepage
  2. Click on "Withdrawal History" or "Deposit History" to view a record of transactions. This information may be copied or you may take a screenshot.

Bittrex Global will only display a limited amount of your deposit and withdrawal history on our website. To get a full copy of your deposit or withdrawal history, you will need to file a support ticket

When submitting a ticket, select the "General Support Request" form. It may take up to a week to fulfill the request.

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