Trade digital assets on Bittrex Global OTC

Quick and simple

Setting up an account with Bittrex Global takes less than 15 minutes and after that our team is on hand 24/7 to provide 1 on 1 service, making sure you have all the information you need for an effortless trading experience. Once the trade is accepted it can be settled in under 5 minutes.


Significantly reduced opportunity cost

The ‘cost of waiting’ for large trades is removed. Your trade will be locked at our quoted price. A bonus to this is you no longer have to spend hours manually placing small trades on the market, therefore allowing you to save, simplify and speed up your trading process.


 OTC trade process

  1. Initiate contact by emailing
  2. Parties then create and verify an account on Bittrex Global. Please provide the email address you will be using for the account so we can expedite the verification. This is solely for KYC purposes and the account does not have to be used after completion.
  3. A client selling coins will also need to provide their coin wallet address where their coin is being held for AML checks to be run.
  4. Please then contact us via email to let us know your desired trade volume. We will then offer you a trade price.
  5. If you agree to trade at the offered price, we will email you a confirmation along with the details for depositing fiat or coins.  
  6. Once the funds have been received Bittrex Global will transfer the assets to your specified address or bank account along with a confirmation email.
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