Closing your Bittrex Global account

We are so sad to see you go. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience and keep you on our platform, please let us know so we can help. Please note: this article applies to retail customers, and not corporate customer accounts. 

To close your Bittrex Global account:

  1. First, please transfer or withdraw any remaining balances on your account before requesting account closure.
  2. Next, contact Bittrex Global Support to request account closure.
  3. There will be a required 48-hour hold before the account is closed, just to avoid any account being closed accidentally.
  4. Once your account is closed, we will provide you with your full order, deposit, and withdrawal history for your convenience if applicable.


    A closed account cannot be reopened.

    We may retain certain information as required by law or for our legitimate business purposes (i.e. historical transaction information).

    We may also retain cached or archived copies of information about your account for a certain period of time.

Thank you for giving Bittrex Global a try, we will miss you!



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