My account is disabled


It can be alarming to find that your account has been disabled. Here are some reasons why your account may have been disabled, and what you can do to resolve it:

Identity not successfully verified
Why it may have happened How to resolve
  • you never completed the identity verification process when setting up your account
  • you started the identity verification process but the following issue(s) occurred:
    • selfie issues
    • unsupported ID
    • unreadable ID
    • expired ID
    • non-Latin characters on government ID
    • re-used ID
  • you requested a 2FA reset on your account, which resets your previous identity verification and requires you to complete the process again
Multiple accounts detected

Bittrex Global users are only allowed to have one personal account, but they can have multiple corporate accounts.

Why it may have happened How to resolve
  • we detected another personal account linked to you and disabled it

  • you have a personal account and a corporate account, and your account was incorrectly flagged in our system as having multiple personal accounts

Suspicious activity
Why it may have happened How to resolve

We suspected your account was compromised due to:

  • irregular trading activity 
  • a log in from a device with an unverified IP address
Password reset

If you requested to reset your password, you also acknowledged that your account would be disabled for a minimum of 24 hours as a precaution for any suspicious activity.

To resolve this, please contact Bittrex Global support.


You requested to disable your account

If you suspect your account has been compromised, please disable your account. Click here for more information on how to keep your account secure. 

To resolve this, please contact Bittrex Global support.

Bittrex Global terms of service were violated

To resolve this, kindly review the Terms of Service again and contact Bittrex Global support.

You may still not know exactly why your account was disabled, and in all cases, it is likely you will need to work directly with Bittrex Global Support. We can help to determine why your account was disabled and work with you towards re-enabling it so you can get back to trading!

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