Bittrex Global fees

Trading fees

Bittrex Global offers its customers some of the lowest trading fees in the industry. The trading fee schedule below provides the applicable rates based on the customer account's total 30-day volume.


Bittrex Global customers benefit from a fee schedule that offers lower rates as users trade more. The more you trade, the more you save.

Trading fees are incurred when an order executes or ("filled") on the Bittrex Global matching engine. The buyer and the seller are each charged a fee based on the total price of the executed order. The fee (commission) charged by Bittrex Global on each executed trade is calculated by taking the (amount * purchase price * rate) for the given trade. There are no fees for placing an order which does not execute.

Fees vary by the currency pair being traded, your total 30-day trading volume, and whether the order filled is a maker or a taker. Bittrex Global reserves the right to change the commission rates at any time, such as temporary incentive programs.


How is my 30-Day Volume calculated?

Bittrex Global calculates the 30-Day Volume on a daily basis, updating each account's volume calculation and trading fee schedule between the hours of 00:30 UTC and 01:30 UTC each day.

You can check your current 30-Day Volume by logging in and navigating to Account > My Activity. 


Maker orders

Maker orders create (make) liquidity on a market by being entered onto the order book. In other words, maker orders are not filled when they are placed, but instead wait until a future order is placed that matches it. A maker order can be on either a buy or sell order. When an existing order on the order book is matched with a newly placed order (the taker), the maker order in the transaction is charged the maker fee.

If a newly entered order does not immediately match with any existing orders or is not entirely filled by existing orders, the unfilled order gets placed in the order book and becomes a maker order for a future trade.

For example: In a BTC-ETH market, assume there is a sell order for 0.75 ETH on the order book (the maker order). If a trader places a buy order for 1.0 ETH that matches the 0.75 ETH order’s price, there will be one trade for 0.75 ETH where the newly entered order is the taker. If the remaining 0.25 ETH from the new order does not match with another existing order, it will be placed on the buy side of the order book and will potentially be the maker order of another future trade.


Taker orders

Taker orders reduce (take away) liquidity on a market. Taker orders execute immediately and take volume off the order book. A taker order can be on either a buy or sell order. When a new order is placed and it matches against another order already on the order book (the maker), the taker in the transaction is charged the taker fee. 


Instant Buy/Sell

Bittrex Global charges approximately a 0.9% spread on stable coin purchases and sales and approximately a 1.75% spread on all other cryptocurrency purchases and sales. However, the actual spread may be higher or lower based on market conditions, and is subject to change. Markets may be added or removed at Bittrex Global's sole and absolute discretion.


Transaction fees


Specific blockchain network fees may be incurred when a user moves tokens on the blockchain to and from Bittrex Global.

  • Deposits: Bittrex Global does not charge fees for deposits. Please be aware that some tokens or coins require us to move your funds to another address before being credited. This means the coin or token’s network will charge you the normal transaction fee for the fund transfer, which Bittrex Global cannot avoid.
  • Withdrawals: Bittrex Global charges a small fee on withdrawals for a token or coin with a built-in network transfer fee. The network fee is view-able by clicking the withdraw button on the withdrawal window for each token or coin.


Referral program

For purposes of the Bittrex Global Referral Program, the Referrer Percentage is set at (i) where a Referee opens a valid account with Bittrex Global (in accordance with the relevant Bittrex Global terms of service) between 00:00 GMT on 18 March 2023 and 00:00 GMT on 15 April 2023, 20% on all commissions by that Referee in respect of Eligible Trades that take place during the first 60 days following the opening of such account and 10% on all commissions thereafter; and (ii) where a Referee opens a valid account with Bittrex Global (in accordance with the relevant Bittrex Global terms of service) before 00:00 GMT on 18 March 2023 or after 00:00 GMT on 15 April 2023, 10% on all commissions by the referee. Bittrex Global reserves the right to change the Referrer Percentage at any time in its sole discretion as set forth in the Bittrex Global Referral Terms.

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