Support for Phoenix (PHNX) airdrop to Bittrex Global Hydro (HYDRO) holders and Bittrex Global listing of Phoenix (PHNX)

Bittrex Global will support the Phoenix (PHNX) airdrop to Bittrex Global Hydro (HYDRO) holders based on the on-exchange snapshot of HYDRO user balances on May 26th, 2020 at 18:00:00 UTC.

If you have a Hydro (HYDRO) balance on Bittrex Global on May 26th, 2020 snapshot, you will be credited the equivalent amount of PHNX airdrop tokens on a 100:1 basis. i.e. 100 HYDRO on Bittrex Global held during the on-exchange snapshot will give you 1 PHNX airdrop token. Only the HYDRO held on your account is eligible for PHNX airdrop tokens.

Note: Bittrex Global will be closing our HYDRO wallet to deposits and withdrawals on May 26th, 2020 at 17:00:00 UTC. If any HYDRO deposits you had sent to Bittrex are not settled (i.e. marked as pending) by 17:00:00 UTC on May 26th, 2020, you may not be credited with PHNX. Bittrex Global will temporarily stop trading the HYDRO token to take accurate snapshots of balances at 17:50:00 UTC on May 26th, 2020 and will be enabled shortly after 18:00:00 UTC.

The BTC-PHNX market will open for trading on May 28th, 2020 at 18:00 UTC.

We would like to thank the Phoenix team for working closely with us!


Further information:


Update 05/28/2020: 1:00PM PT: There is a slight delay in launching the BTC-PHNX market. We are aware that there are issues regarding some HYDRO holders not receiving their PHNX airdrop and are investigating.

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