How to keep your account safe


We want our customers to have a trading experience that is safe and secure. Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself and your Bittrex Global account secure:

Protect yourself online
  1. Use strong passwords: do not reuse the same password for multiple accounts!
    blue_checkmark.PNGuse unique and complex passwords for every type of account you create
    blue_checkmark.PNGuse a password manager to store and generate secure passwords
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) whenever possible: it's a good idea to do this not just on your Bittrex Global account, but on any of your online accounts - especially email accounts.
    blue_checkmark.PNGuse an authenticator app on your mobile device, like Google Authenticator or other
               device-based one-time password (OTP) authentication
    blue_checkmark.PNGavoid SMS 2FA, as it is a less secure method

  3. Avoid scams and phishing: we know, it sounds obvious, but sometimes all it takes is one click.
    blue_checkmark.PNGnever use a search engine to locate Bittrex Global, and always type into your web
    blue_checkmark.PNGnever click on links from unknown sources
    blue_checkmark.PNGnever share your account information with anyone (username, password, 2FA codes)
    blue_checkmark.PNGnever allow someone remote access to control your device
    blue_checkmark.PNGget familiar with common scams going around

  4. Limit sharing your personal information online: scammers can use the data you share online to try to impersonate you and gain access to your accounts.
    blue_checkmark.PNGavoid sharing things like email addresses, trading platforms you use, birthdays, phone
               numbers, etc.

  5. Secure your mobile device: ask your mobile provider about their security options!
    blue_checkmark.PNGset a password/PIN on your account that must be provided before making changes
               online, in person, or over the phone
    blue_checkmark.PNGdon't lock your phone number to your SIM card
    blue_checkmark.PNGavoid installing unknown software on your device
  6. Secure your email: use different email addresses when creating multiple online accounts. This limits the ability for hackers to use automated “Forgot password” links.
    blue_checkmark.PNGdisable password recovery via SMS
    blue_checkmark.PNGkeep one-time use recovery passwords stored offline
    blue_checkmark.PNGmake sure your emails do not contain any sensitive or personal information

Now that you know how to protect yourself online, here are some tips to protect your Bittrex Global account:

Protect your Bittrex Global account
  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account: click here for instructions.
  2. Add IP and crypto wallet addresses to your Allowlists: see below section in this article for instructions.
  3. Limit sharing of your API key: some third-party apps or websites may request your API key in order to do trading for you.
    Consider this before sharing:
    blue_checkmark.PNGcheck reviews to determine if the app or site should be trusted - zero reviews is a red

    blue_checkmark.PNGcheck how long the app or site has been active - don't use it if it just launched
    blue_checkmark.PNGunderstand that by sharing your API key with anyone, you are putting your account at

  4. Monitor activity on your account: see below section in this article for instructions.

Add IP and crypto wallet addresses to your Allowlists

Adding IP and crypto wallet addresses to your Allowlists is a great way to protect your account in the event that you lose your credentials or API keys.


You can only perform these actions from the web version of, but you will also need your mobile device on hand. It is also required to have 2FA enabled on your account before you can add an IP or crypto wallet address to your Allowlist.

Add an IP address Add a crypto wallet address

Adding one or more IP addresses to your IP Address Allowlist tells Bittrex to only authorize trades or withdrawals from those IPs. This includes both the web interface and API based trades or withdrawals.


The Auto-Sell feature is not compatible with IP allowlisting. 

    1. Log in to your Bittrex Global account.
    2. Go to My Account > IP Allowlist.
    3. Click Add New IP Address.
    4. Enter the new IP address.
        ↪ What is my IP address?

    5. Enter the authentication code from your mobile device and click Add IP Address.

If you are experiencing any issues adding an IP address to your Allowlist, please visit this article.


Monitor account activity

blue_checkmark.PNGcheck for suspicious log ins or changes made to your account
blue_checkmark.PNGview your deposit and withdrawal history
blue_checkmark.PNGview trading history to make sure no unauthorized trades have occurred

Account activity Deposit/withdrawal history Trading history

You can only view this from the Web version:

  1. Log in to your Bittrex Global account.
  2. Go to My Account > Account Activity. Here you can review all recent activity and the IP address it came from.


  3. You can also enable the Account login activity email notification.
       ↪ How do I enable/disable email notifications?


If you believe your Bittrex Global account has been compromised, please click here for guidance.

We hope this helps give you some peace of mind so you can enjoy using our platform. Stay safe out there!

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