Bittrex Global support for the AdEx (ADX) token migration event

AdEx (ADX) is conducting a token migration to a new contract at address 0xADE00C28244d5CE17D72E40330B1c318cD12B7c3 (

Users' balances of the AdEx token will be migrated 1:1 to the new contract on the day of August 19, 2020. AdEx tokens from the old contract will no longer be supported by Bittrex and cannot be deposited after 11:00 AM PT on 8/19/2020.

If you are depositing AdEx tokens to Bittrex Global from an external source, please make sure they have been migrated to the new contract. If you are depositing tokens from another exchange, please check with that exchange first whether they have already completed the migration. Failure to migrate tokens to the new contract beforehand will result in loss of those tokens when attempting to transfer them to Bittrex Global and they cannot be recovered or credited.

Bittrex Global will re-enable the AdEx (ADX) wallet when we and the AdEx team agree that the migration is satisfactory.

Note: Bittrex Global will temporarily pause deposits and withdrawals of the AdEx token on August 19, 2020 at 11:00 AM PT (6:00 PM UTC on 8/19/2020) to complete this contract migration. Trading may temporarily be halted while we verify our balances before and after the migration. ADX tokens sent to Bittrex Global after the migration must be using the new contract to be accepted.
We would like to thank the AdEx team for working closely with us.


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