Support for PChain (PI) swap from ERC20 to mainnet assets

Bittrex Global will support the swap of PChain (PI) ERC20 tokens to mainnet tokens.

PI wallets have been disabled for deposit and withdrawals. If any ERC20 PI deposits are sent to Bittrex you may not be credited with mainnet PI.

The snapshot of PI balances held by Bittrex users will be taken on 2020/05/14 at 10:00 AM PT (5:00 PM UTC on 2020/05/14).

Bittrex Global will distribute mainnet PI to qualified ERC20 PI holders at a fixed ratio of 1:1.

Bittrex Global will enable the currency when we and the Pchain team agree the migration is satisfactory.



Please regenerate and use new mainnet PI deposit addresses after the swap. All ERC20-based PI token sent to Bittrex after the swap will not be recovered.


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