Google (GOOGL) stock is undergoing a twenty-for-one stock split on July 15, 2022

Google (GOOGL) stock will be undergoing a twenty-for-one stock split on July 15, 2022. For every Google share you own, you will receive an additional 19 shares.

Though the price of a Google share will be 1/20th of the closing price on July 15, 2022, the overall dollar value of your Google holdings will not change due to the split.

For example, if you owned 2 Google shares at $2,200 USD per share on July 15, 2022 for a total investment of $4,400 USD, then you will own 40 Google shares at $110 per share after the stock split for the same $4,400 USD amount (assuming there are no changes to the stock’s value).

Google (GOOGL) markets will be open until 20:00 UTC on July 15, 2022 if you wish to sell your Google shares before the stock split. All open orders that have not been filled will be cancelled while the Google markets are disabled.

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