Tips to Avoid Scams, Fake Token Giveaways & Impostor Accounts

First and foremost:

Please note that Bittrex Global does not participate in token giveaways on social media. And, we certainly do not ask people to send us tokens or fractions of tokens in exchange for larger token sums. If the Twitter handle of the account is not @BittrexGlobal, then it's not us! 

With that being said, Twitter is a great tool for us to connect with our users and keep them informed. But with all social media platforms, including Twitter, users should proceed with caution as there are scams out there created by impostors -- or people who create fake accounts pretending to be another person or even a business.

We take this very seriously, and report impostors to Twitter as soon as we see them. It sometimes can take several attempts, and even a few days, before these impostor accounts are removed from Twitter. 

Now let’s focus on how you can protect yourself and your assets from these scams:

  1. Carefully check the Twitter handle - Impostors tend to create Twitter accounts using misspelled versions of our verified Twitter handles and our logo, but not all of them do.

    Some will go so far as to pretend to be from Bittrex Global Support, like in this example:


    Some may even attempt to impersonate Bittrex Global executives by spoofing their personal Twitter handles and posting about the same fake offers we see directed at our company Twitter handles.
  2. Did the account tweet a reply to the @BittrexGlobal Twitter handle, or reply to another user's tweet on a @BittrexGlobal Twitter thread? - Some imposters will try and trick users by replying to real Bittrex Global tweets or threads, like in the example below. If you see this, please repeat Step 1.


  3. Be wary of verified accounts - Unfortunately, imposters with a verified symbol Twitter_verified_symbol.png tend to fool people more easily. So before interacting with a "Bittrex Global" account on Twitter, please kindly repeat Step 1.


    At this time, @BittrexGlobal is not currently verified, but we confirm it is our real account.

  4. Don't give in to FOMO (fear of missing out) - We realize that FOMO makes people want to act quickly when a deal seems too good to be true. But it’s always best to take the extra step and check that the Twitter user is who they say they are. When in doubt, we would strongly advise not to participate in these types of offers that appear to be from "Bittrex Global."

If you're on Twitter, don't be shy - come say hi to us over at: @BittrexGlobal and beware of any impostors!


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