How do I enable/disable email notifications?


There are different types of email notifications Bittrex Global can send you, and you can easily control which ones you would or would not like to receive.


There is no option to unsubscribe or disable Bittrex Global transactional emails, as these are essential to accessing and using your Bittrex Global account. To learn more about transactional emails, refer to this article.

You may want to consider enabling the Account login activity notification, this way you can monitor your account activity.


But of course we understand email notifications aren't for everyone. There are so many emails and so little time, so no hard feelings if you choose to disable them!

To enable or disable email notifications, you will need to do the following from the Bittrex Global web version:

Enable Disable
  1. Log in to your Bittrex Global Account.

  2. Go to My Account > Email Notifications.
  3. Click to turn on the toggle switch for each notification you would like to receive.

That's it - quick and painless!

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