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Please note that this page contains content about the Bittrex Global mobile app, which is not directed at, intended for, or available to customers in the UK.

To move coins/tokens out of your Bittrex Global account and send them elsewhere (such as to another exchange or crypto holder), you can use the Withdraw feature. This is an easy process, as long as the proper steps are followed to ensure transactions run smoothly and your funds are secure.  

Before making a withdrawal from Bittrex Global
Please do the following before making a withdrawal from your Bittrex Global account:

  • Make sure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled on your account.
  • Be aware of your account's withdrawal limit. This can be found on the web version under My Account > My Profile > Daily Withdrawal Limit. More information on withdrawal limits can be found here.


  • Read any withdrawal instructions that appear in the Withdraw window.


  • Withdrawing from your account means you are depositing somewhere else. Always check the deposit instructions for your receiving wallet first to ensure the withdrawal can be routed properly:
    blue-caret.PNGSome require a minimum amount before they are credited.
    blue-caret.PNGOthers may require a message/paymentID/tag/memo.
  • Be aware of the minimum withdrawal requirement and withdrawal fees. Expand the next section Minimum withdrawals in this article for more information.
Minimum withdrawals

Most* coins/tokens on the Bittrex Global exchange require a minimum withdrawal amount of 1x the transaction (Tx) fee plus 1 Satoshi.
  ↪ What is Satoshi?

For example:

DOGE has a Tx Fee of 2.0, so the minimum withdrawal amount would be 2.00000001.

*Exceptions include ADA (withdrawal must be greater than 1.5 ADA + transaction fee), BTC (greater than 0.00075 BTC), CKB (greater than 62 CKB), NEO (greater than 1 NEO) and XLM (greater than 20 XLM for newly generated addresses). 

To calculate the minimum withdrawal amount for a specific coin/token, you can review the API page and use "Ctrl+F" to search the coin's name and "TxFee" information.
  ↪ Understanding the Currencies API

You can also find this information in the Withdraw window:



If your available balance is not enough to cover the transaction fee, the funds will remain in the account, but they will be unusable. 


How to withdraw coins/tokens
You can do this from mobile or web:

Mobile Web
  1. Open the app and tap More > Log In and enter your credentials.

  2. Tap Holdings > Withdraw > Cryptocurrency.

  3. Search for the coin/token and tap to select it.


    Before withdrawing, check the deposit instructions for your receiving wallet first. Then, if required, add a message/paymentID/tag/memo so the withdrawal can be routed properly to the receiving end.

    If you forget to add this information, your coins/tokens may be lost and the recipient will not receive them. Once the funds are withdrawn from Bittrex Global, we no longer have access to them and cannot recover them.

  4. Enter the wallet address for where you wish to send the coins/tokens.


    We strongly recommend copying and pasting wallet addresses to avoid the following scenario:

    If you send coins/tokens to an incorrect wallet address, they unfortunately cannot be recovered.

  5. Enter the withdrawal amount and tap Continue.
  6. Confirm the transaction by reviewing the details, then tap Confirm and Withdraw.
  7. Enter your authentication code and tap the arrow.

  8. To immediately view the status, tap View Details. You can also go to Holdings > history_icon.png History > Withdrawals and tap on the Status icon for detailed information.

  9. Once the transaction is complete, your withdrawal status will change from streamlinehq-interface-time-clock-circle-interface-essential-24.PNGPending to streamlinehq-interface-validation-check-interface-essential-24.PNGComplete.

Troubleshooting and FAQ
Refer to this article.

Thank you for choosing Bittrex Global!

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