Understanding the Currencies API

The Currencies API page is a tool used to review information about the Wallets for each coin/token on Bittrex Global. You can find a lot of useful information here, but it can be difficult to navigate because of the way it is presented.

There are two things to remember when reading the API page:

  • each line of the API is separated by curly brackets: curly_brackets.png
  • each header is separated by a comma

Here is an example of a single line in our API with the headers marked in blue, followed by a table explaining what they mean: 


API Header What it means
symbol The coin/token’s ticker name (e.g. BTC)
name The coin/token’s complete name (e.g. Bitcoin)
coinType The type of coin/token (e.g. Bitcoin, Bitcoin16, Lisk, ETH, ETH_Contract, etc.)
status Status of the wallet (e.g. online vs. offline)
minConfirmations The minimum number of confirmations required on the blockchain to credit a deposit
notice Any current informational notices related to the wallet (e.g. Wallet Maintenance, or may be blank, but they do not mean the wallet is offline)
txFee The transaction fee for withdrawing the coin/token
logoUrl URL for the coin/token’s logo
prohibitedIn If the coin is not available to US users, this will be marked as [US]
baseAddress The base address for the wallet on Bittrex Global, which is commonly used for memo coins like XLM and XRP
associatedTermsOfService Any Terms of Service that must be accepted in order to deposit the coin/token
tags Any tags associated with the coin/token

For additional API documentation refer to https://bittrex.github.io/api/v3

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bittrex Support. We are happy to help!

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